Work Life Balance and Prosperity Of Life

Rach and I never want our broadcasts from our LiveStream studio in Phuket,Thailand to become routine. Today we invite entrepreneur Myles Forsyth to join us to talk about home business, Prosperity of Life and success in general.



Myles brings a very interesting background to entrepreneurship. He has been an employer of others most of his life, culminating in owning four businesses and employing 120 staff. He characterizes this situation as “a nightmare,” spending all of his time on the treadmill of managing others. Although he generated significant profits, he had no time freedom and didn’t enjoy the quality of life he was living.

Listen in as Myles describes losing everything he had worked his entire life for due to depressed real estate markets. But rather than losing hope, he credits that “failure” for opening him up to entrepreneurial opportunities that he never would have considered before. In his words, “My life is so much better for it.”

Myles is now living a life that balances work and pleasure. How does he do it? Enjoy this episode to discover how finding the right business, with Prosperity Of Life, was the key to a new and improved quality of life.


Shane Krider