Three actions steps to change those limiting beliefs (once and or all!)

Shane Krider flying solo!


Limiting beliefs are an interesting thing – a lot of people talking about it, whether in the personal development field or not, but this doesn’t affect a persons ability to be able to change those limiting beliefs. Whether you’re on the self improvement train or not, this is an important lesson to learn if you want to change your life circumstances.

Since I’ve been involved with personal development, and implemented it in my daily actions, life has been a different experience and what I’m going to share with you today, plays a huge part in what began a chain reaction of events for me that led me to live this extraordinary life.

Life is a funny thing – if you attempt to get consensus on anything it’s an uphill battle. No matter what it is. You can walk into a crowd of people who say what a beautiful blue sky – and someone is gonna say – it isn’t blue. Guaranteed.

One thing you can do in your life to set yourself free is stop looking for consensus and start looking for what makes the best sense to you. That’s one of the best principles within PD as it reiterates that decision and action step is 100% up to you to choose.

I’ve had some really good runs in life, even in the midst of it, and just keep yourself dialed in, it’s like an athlete. You can be the best athlete in the world, but when you stop training, your skills go in the other direction.

Sometimes in pd you can misinterpret some of the fundamental things tha tare being expressed so I want to share with you how to change a limiting belief. There’s sixty billion dollars a year spent on various forms of PD. So there’s a need, people are searching.

So let’s break this down. Hypothetical. Two people who have lived identical lives to this point. And the situations of life all the way to this point are exactly the same. And something bad / tragic / annoying happens. One person goes up and one person goes down. What is the most fundamental difference? What is the thing that is different between them to make one go up and one go down?

If you rule out all other possible conditions – they diverge and go in separate directions – what is the most likely cause of them to diverge and go a different direction? Why does B go down? Well, our beliefs are very powerful things. And you can observe this. Cos you don’t see too many people go the cliffs and experient with the possibility they’ve gained the ability to fly.

Our belief systems dictat what we even try. And people in life try certain things, and other people don’t try. I’m an entreprenur and I have made the transition of being an employee to being an entrepreneur and in the process of that, I multiplied my income many times. My saying is: my worst day as an entrpereeur better than my best day as an employee. But a lot of people don’t confront that choice. They have a belief they can’t do it. whether it’s based on real things or not, it doesn’t matter, the belief will stop you.

If you believe you can’t do it, you won’t do it.

A lot of it could be of the way you’re raised, persona life experience, so beliefs are very powerful things. And to us they’re not a belief it’s just what’s real to us. Person A has something negative happen to them. Unexpectedly. Fired from job. Wakes up and chooses to thing – what could I create with my life now I have an extra 40h week free. What would happen if I was to unleash myself 60h a week and explore and do everything ican do to become a successful entrepreneur. Never would have had the courage to walk away from my job, but now I have this opportunity and severence package I wonder what I can do. person is in a positive proactive high emotion/ bivration state and they’re excited. Scared and self doubt sure, but they’re using it as an opportunity.

Person b says – omg. I never saw that coming. And I’ve got a family and I need to provide security for the family, and if I couldn’t trust that job how can I trust any job? And losing income, and what happens if I can’t get a job as good as this one? I’m older. And if I can’t get a job we’re gonna have to move. We might lose anything. They’re focusing on that.

Which person do you think is more likely to come out on top?

Most of us have experience failures in the past and it’s very easy after you experience past failures and all the regrets and baggage that comes with those things. Cant get back to the happy go lucky zone.

When you are on the positive side you can start to see the opportunities in problems. It’s a belief system. It’s what you’re putting your attention and your focus on and that is what’s going to dictate if you go up or down. If you believe that everything happens for a reason, and ultimately the universe deals you situations, and the reasons the universe deals you these situations, is to give you opportunities you wouldn’t have looked for normally.

If person a are gears with a belief system to look for evidence of bigger possibilities, then you get what you look for. They may have to look for a while, but you ultimately get what you look for. And the person B who is negative, then the negative things start happen, they accept and choose it and look for more of it.

When you’re in a bad mood, its cos things are going badly. And humans are very social animals and our attitudes and our vibrations are contagious. You can’t go into a room of angry people without getting pissed off yourself . so when you’re in a bad mood it rubs off onto other people. Or they start to get into a bad mood themselves.

How do you change a limiting belief? You take control what youre looking for in life. You’ve got your story of life and you know how your life works, and once you know how your life works, everything you experience it supports that. Self fulfilling prophecies. How do you snap out of it ?

First thing a person really deserves to do (and pd did it for me) it had me realise that perception is not reality but perception causes reality. and if I have a negative perception about the way my life goes, then I will cause my life to go in a negative way because of it.

Anyboy who is on-purpose in life will look right through someone who is negative, they will see through you or stay away from you. I knew it – cos of the way people would act around me and treat me. Once the belief gets implanted, it causes you to be in a negative state of mind. It causes you to knee jerk interpet situations in front of you negative. Everything is a source of negativity.

The only problem there was that I thought there were a problem. We put on others, we put that stuff on other people.

Because I operated like thaere was a problem, I created a problem. Pd taught me that perception creates reality to a large degree, especially aobut the situations we create in our life, this became very powerful for me. And when that lightbulb went on, I took control of what I allowed myself to dwell on. And as simple as this is, what do you do with goal setting – you visualize what you want to happen. But you can’t then go back to your normal life, you’ve got to put those visualisations in motion. we did an episode / video / it was the power of happiness or hwo to be happy. That has a big of this information in it aswell.

Wrap your head around, meditate on , get the idea that perception causes reality.

You walk into a room, there’s a rubber snake on the floor – it looks real to you so you freak out! Your perception was false, but it didn’t matter. That caused the exact same outcome if there was a real snake in the room. A lot of negative consequences can take place even though your perception is incorrect.

And if you’re walking around, not realizing how much power perception has in your life, then your life whatever random thing that happens in your life is going to trigger a perception that is not going to be questioned, or rejected, and cause you to act as if, and be in the stat eo fmind, as if, that’s just the way things are. And it’s going to cause you to be one of the people to walk around in the negative cloud where negative things happen. And that will reaffirm your negative belief truth.

How do you break from that and make a new future right now? Understand the power of perception. If you choose to se something as bad thing – it will be bad. But if you choose to see it as a positive thing – it will ultimately present as a positive.

Because thoughts are things. So don’t ligner on the negative. You can get lost in the spiral.

So how do you change your limiting beliefs? Be they around money, relationships, weight loss. You’ve got to take level of control and diminish your limiting beliefs. Weight loss –genetics – believe that you won’t have the self control you need to change it.

Perceptions become realities. What are you focusing on? if you understand that perception ins the cause of reality – the way it’s going to happen isn’t always immediately obvious or in front of you, but you stay optimistic and stay on course and you will achieve it.

You can draw a line in the sand and say the future is not going to be based on those limiting beliefs. I believe I can be positive results in business, relationships. My future is not based on my past. The past was based on random events and knee jerk interpretations, and society views, watching other people and all of that became my reality cos I believed that’s the way it is, so I operated as if it were true. And so it became true.

Your emotional state is dictated on the way you think life s and how you think life is going. It’s our interpretation.

Nobody is immune to this, and we all have to deal with it in the game of life. But the point is, interpretation – past is not evidence as to how life works. My past is not evidence of who I am or what I’m capable of. My past is not evidence of how people are likely to treat me in the future. … of the types of relationships I can create in the future.

One of the greatest discilines you can develop in you rmind is trainig your mind how to view on how things can go right – especially s an entrepeneru and believe those possibilities are out there. And if you don’t believe it. you wont find it.

Perception – how we choose to frame it up – that is everything. Spouse negative mood.

So how do you change the limiting belief? You recognize what happens in the past has nothing to do with the present or the future. Nothing to do with it. it doesn’t indicate or predict it’s completely non related to what you can create in the future and experience in the future. And you choose what you want to visualize. What you want to happen. If you get fired from your job and you don’t want to experience that again, start seeing yourself fas a successful entrepreneur and look for that opportunity and educate yourself down that path.

Don’t look at why you can’t. it’s a simple as that. Think about this –

  1. just know that perception causes reality
  2. choose what you’re looking at – why you can or why you can’t. and look at what you find. You’ll hold discipline in your mind on why or how you can. If you’re looking at how you can that’s what you’re going to find.
  3. Don’t use your personal power to stop yourself, use it to start yourself. Youre putting th energy from the right now, into th e idea you don’t want to happen. And at some point, you’re going to fluctate the stopping energy, and then all that energy is behind the idea of what you don’t want. And then you’ll end up at the refrigerator before you even k now what’s happened.

Start yourself – start yourself on exercise instead. Don’t worry about stopping yourself, and only focus on starting. And every time if eel like a craving, I go for a walk. And can eat when ig et back if I want. Look aat what you want to start yourself, and look at what you don’t want to stop yourself. And whatever you’re looking at, is ultimately where you’er going to go. If you don’t look at the wall, you won’t hit it. look at what you do want – open road.

Don’t even look at the negative. Dismiss them. Replace it with something positive. Start yourself. The moment you operate in mode of stopping yourself, then we are using our own power by cancelling our power.

  1. power of agreement. Btp video. Change your agreements with people. Economy conversation. Have a positive financial future, disagree with what you’ve said before re economy. Life gives you what you look for. I’m done looking at the negative side, I’m focusing on the positives. Period.

It can change your life. Big thing. Stop dwelling on limiting beliefs. Start yourself, consistently in the direction you want to go – don’t try and stop or deal with it at all. Make a break and say okay that’s great, what can I do right now to start myself in a positive direction. Use your energy to take control. And by doing that you’ll set yourself free in a big way.