How To Take Control Of Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind is responsible for a very large part of whatever is going on in your life. It’s an important thing to learn about and master.



I’ve researched the mind and the conscious vs (sub/un)conscious mind levels for over twenty years – it’s a huge interest I have, and now I’m going to break down how I’ve implemented my findings in my life, and show you how you can make it useful for you.

Some people link the subconscious mind to affirmations. But here is my opinion on that – if you constantly state an affirmation that you want $50K, it’s not going to appear in front of you because you’ve envisaged it. But it does plant a seed in you, which embeds in your subconscious, but there’s extra work and involvement required in the conscious realm to make it come to fruition.

The subconscious mind does not unlock magical powers, but by being aware of it does offer you the opportunity to be open and alert to things that may lead you to prosperity you may not have otherwise noticed.

Thoughts heavily influence our lives. They also influence our attributes and personalities, which then brings out characteristics in people we associate with. Our attitudes play a huge role. Don’t under estimate the subjective nature of your own mind and the sway it has over your life.

The important point is you must learn to step back, recognize the workings of your (un/sub)conscious mind and find out how to make it work for you.


Here are five things you can do to master your subconscious mind:

  1. Understand the power of labels.

Everything you label eventually becomes inaccurate because you are not allowing for the element of time. It may have been true at the time you decided to whack a label on it and categorize it never to be seen again. But when was that? What happened to you since you placed that label with the lens of life you had at the time? Is it still true now?

When you are operating on the assumption that something is categorically true, you are missing out on many other aspects that your subconscious mind blocks. So check-in and find some distinctions that are going to change your level of conscious awareness.

  1. Create the habit of looking again.

By this I mean, actually really look at what is in front of you right now, instead of glancing and putting it in a dismissive category because of a past label. Don’t jump to conclusions, instead become inquisitive to make sure you’re seeing the truth in front of you as the person you are today. Not ‘the you’ of yesterday.

  1. Understand and play with the possibility that things and people become what you treat them as.

Approach life with a question mark instead of a period. Is this person this way? vs This person IS this way! Most situations are driven by people’s attitudes, which in turn trigger opinions and attitudes. You’re either evoking positive or negative responses, and the more you think ‘this is the way it is’ then you’re omitting more negative vibrations and therefore attracting them.

Instead keep an open mind, don’t judge, sit back and watch everything with a positive present lens that will then steer you towards a positive frequency and attract like-minded people, attitudes and events to your life.

  1. Mind identification reversal.

Visualize what you want to see and your proposed outcomes in your mind. You have an existing mental model of reality, and believe you know how life works for you. But if you’re not entirely happy with your present circumstances and want different outcomes you need to change your MO. Dream up your most positive outcome, look at it often, fall in love with it.

What you’re actually doing is raising the question of whether it’s possible and analyzing what it will actually take to make it happen. The more you fall in love with it, the more question marks in your mind, and the more you’ll see ways to make it happen. And the more opportunities will appear.

  1. Be the change.

We all respond to life the way we think life is, and we don’t always live up to our highest self. If to some degree you think life is unfair and people aren’t honest, and you don’t want to be completely vulnerable, this creates us to not be quite on the level we could be. This is where life takes courage. You HAVE to be the change.

Be the change you want to see and be the expression of your highest self. A clear example of this – charity – be more charitable – be humble. It will attract higher events to you. Especially if you stand for something you believe in. Your passion will only fuel the results.

You can take this concept as far as you want, bringing you all sorts of fortune. If you’d like to learn more head to the contact form on Born to Prosper website and learn about our personal development program and life coaching tutorials. It’s within this format we really hone ways to control and tap into your subconscious mind and have it work for you, instead of controlling you.

You’re worth it!