Shift Your Results Immediately

What Is The Magic Dust?

We are fortunate to be in a community that practices and preaches personal development. This can create new thinking patterns that stop your mind from running away with negative thoughts. It can, and does, literally create a new life experience for you.



Why does personal development work, and what is the “magic dust” that provides the foundation for the improvements we experience?

There are two primary forces at work in how you experience your life: you and the Universe. You do your part, and the heavy lifting is being done by something else much bigger and far more intelligent and powerful. When you ask the Universe for bigger and better results, it will feed you more energy, because you will require more energy to manage those bigger and better results.

I believe in setting goals that are big and exciting. I believe in setting goals that are unrealistic. Realistic goals get boring quickly. I want to set goals that are big enough that if I do in fact achieve the goal, it means something significant not only for my life, but it actually means something about the nature of life! I want to create a new reality that is so vastly different from my current reality that my entire understanding of the universe will have shifted if, indeed, I hit that goal.

Tune into the Industry Insider, Episode 2 to find out exactly what the secret is to harnessing and unleashing the power available to you each moment of every day – energy that is critical to the achievement of your greatest goals and deepest desires.


Shane Krider