Sure-fire new years resolution strategy

Based on a podcast by Shane Krider

Goal setting is close to my heart – I’ve created a lot of positive things and the exact lifestyle I’ve always wanted. But only 8% of people who set new years resolution achieve them.

There’s something successful people do differently than the rest of the 92% population. I’m going to share my tips with you.

I went from being a person who set goals and never achieved them. Ever. But then, I went from a person who was a struggler to an achiever. How do you make that shift? Regardless of your goal, the strategy is the same. Whether it is health and fitness, or relationships, how do you actually get in there and make a difference?

You have to go from ‘have, do, be’ to ‘be, do, have’.

This is the root of it all – who are you being? Most people want to HAVE – the car, house, relationship, fitness or whatever it is. Successful people are in the habit of doing things that unsuccessful people don’t like to do. You may not like doing what they have to do to have what they have.

92% of people don’t achieve their goals, or new years resolutions, because they’re thinking in terms of having and getting. The other side of that is being.

Stop thinking about getting goals, shift your mindset and don’t think in terms of ‘need tos’; think in terms of opportunities. Am I being the person who can have that?

Doing creates having. How do we make doing not a battle of willpower? Before I do anything I am already doing something. If you can delineate this properly then you can consciously approach your life in a different way and have more control.

Take dieting. Part of dieting is willpower and depriving yourself. Part of dieting is stopping yourself from doing what you want to do, and adhere to a strict regiment of eating and exercise, in order to achieve the goal. In order to GET so I can HAVE. And the whole reason I’m doing this is because I want what’s at the end of the road. And that’s why we fail.

The process has to be the reason!

It’s not about the getting, it’s about who I get to BE, the role I get to play, and what I get to express. The way we feel in any moment doesn’t come from what we have and don’t have. Having does not determine how you feel.

Success is not about stopping yourself from doing things; it’s about starting yourself. Success is not about getting and having, it’s about BEING. It’s who you get to express in the process – it’s not about stopping. I don’t really want to focus on stopping myself from eating stuff that may not be aligned with my fitness goals. I don’t want to focus on that. Which pay off do I prefer – the art of consuming junk food calories? Or the art of building a body I like.

It’s not about losing the weight. It’s not about having that ideal physique; it’s about creating it and being the person who created it. So if my goal is on building a physique like the famous statue of David, and I’m focusing on being David, then I’m never going to have that body. But if I focus on being the Michelangelo, and learning the appreciation, technique then I will obtain my goal.

You must fall in love with expressing the things that it takes for the physique of David to be the natural outcome.

You must change your mindset so life is no longer about stopping yourself, or forcing yourself to do something, it’s about STARTING yourself! It’s about what you get to do today, it’s not about what you can’t do or have to do. It’s about falling in love with the process and understanding the values you are expressing in the process.

You must fall in love with what you get to do. You’re the artist of your life. Create a masterpiece.

Shane Krider