Three things I find fascinating – Dreams, Visualizations and Coincidences.

Shane Krider’s Mind Power podcast

Dreams, visualizations and coincidences. In my experience, these three things are the stuff of transformation, success and achievement.

Most of us are locked in the prison of linear thinking, incremental results and slow, painful change.

But, what if you could tap into something more fundamental, more basic and more beautiful that would allow you to transform your life in tantalizing and unexpected ways?



In this week’s episode Rach and I share these important distinctions with you:

~ The difference between just thinking about something and effective visualization.
~ How to read an unusual aspect of your dreams and decode what your dreams are trying to tell you.
~ And how to know when coincidence is just coincidence and when coincidence is indicating something significant is happening.

We will discuss what these often overlooked or ignored phenomenon really are and how you can use them to achieve more out of life. Thanks for listening!

Shane Krider