How To See Opportunity Where No-One Else Does

Can you train yourself to see opportunity?


Absolutely! Most people miss opportunities, don’t recognize them when they arrive, and therefore don’t create the level of success in their life that they want. When people are actively searching for opportunities, they’re unlikely to see those right in front of them. Why? Because of the way our thought processes work behind-the-scenes when we’re trying to find these elusive opportunities.

So how do we do it?

We have to be proactive and re-train the way we perceive everything by utilizing the six higher faculties of mind: perception, memory, reason, will, intuition, imagination.

In the game of life, most people tend not to have fun with it. They take things too seriously, and just potter along and suffer some negative outcomes in their life like health, relationships, finances. They don’t use optimism and imagination to concoct a way to turn things around and lift themselves up. They suffer negative statistics in their life and let that plague them and stay down.

The kind of opportunity we’re talking about is finding what is required to create the life we want to. And the tools we have to do this are the six higher faculties of mind.


shane krider and rachel krider


How to use these tools to train ourselves to see opportunity.

Perception. Your perceptions are always directed. You decide what you’re going to look at and not. And this is where perception begins. Not where it ends, but it begins with what you choose to look at.

Training tip: Make sure you’re willing to truly look at something / someone. If you’re quick to dismiss, you’ll never see what’s right in front of you. Training yourself to see opportunities, is training yourself to not think in terms of categorical ideas and labels, and opening up your mind and keeping it open with will power, to think in terms of diversity.

Memory. In life we tend to label things unconsciously and quickly. We want to be efficient in our thinking, and we have this knee jerk habit of labeling everything that we come across so we can efficiently categorize it, summarize and move on. But every label is never the whole truth. It’s your perception of what it is.

You’re looking at labels made from past conclusions (memories) and assuming that what you’re looking at now falls into the same category as something in your past.

For example – you’ve dieted but it didn’t work, therefore, it won’t work now. You dismiss it. You decide not to look into a diet from a new perspective to see if there’s any useful information for you.

Training tip: don’t jump to conclusions and compartmentalize things you think you know. Take the time to look at them again.

Reason. If you dismiss something/ someone because you’ve labeled it as belonging to a category from your past experience, you never had the opportunity to reason, because you never give yourself the opportunity to see what is truly there to reason with.

Training tip: Whatever area of life you’re focusing on and looking for opportunities, truly give yourself the opportunity to know for yourself. Apply unbiased reasoning and ensure you’re seeing it in its entirety.

Will. It takes will to open your mind. It is so much easier to lay down and not get back up, and when you apply that concept on an emotional or spiritual level, it is definitely easier to stay closed and in your comfort zone. But you’ve got to be open, alert and vibrating on a highly conscious level to ensure you’re seeing every opportunity. It takes will power to keep your mind open and choose to feed your mind with emotional, spiritual and logical nutrition. But when you do, the opportunities will flow.

Training tip: Ensure you allow yourself to be open, allow yourself to become curious again.

Intuition. I believe in synchronicity and totally use intuition to navigate through life. When something catches my attention I must check it out. When you operate openly, a different life full of opportunity shows up.

There are arguing experts on every topic. My advice is to check out everything yourself and allow your intuition to guide you. Is it empowering you? Does the story make more sense as you learn more information around it? Do you feel energized? This is your intuition, and it can be of great service to you in leading you in the right direction.

Training tip: Go with your gut. Trust it. Let it guide you. Open your mind, start perceiving more, stop using labels, keep looking, and find what sits well with you and makes you feel empowered.

Imagination. Everything your mind can conceive you can achieve. So stop your limiting beliefs, and back yourself! Don’t buy into the self-fulfilling prophecies of a closed mind. Use your imagination to create your most extraordinary life. There are no limits!

If you want to be successful at a level that is beyond the average person, then you have to be not of this world. You can’t just agree with the perceptions of everyone else, you have to use your own point-of-view and trust it by tapping into the way things make you feel.

So keep your mind open. Stay curious. It’s better to keep your mind open and make a mistake, than close your mind and be blind to opportunities.

This was a huge empowering step to getting the life I wanted. Good luck with your journey – if you approach this with courage and decided optimism, just see where it’s going to take you. It might just blow your mind!

Shane Krider