Develop Your Power Of Focus

I’m going to share some tips and tricks to increase your power of focus. This is a life discipline that once learned and practiced daily, has absolutely amazing benefits.


I’ve been developing my power of focus for a while now. And when I get into the laser focus zone, it’s the only thing that exists for me. In my mind, as I’m working on it, it is vivid and real, it’s like I can touch it and taste it.

I had an opportunity to watch my mind work during the brain surgery after my water skiing accident where the ski penetrated the back of my skull and entered my brain. They’re operating and pulling bone fragments out, but every time they would fish around in my brain, my visual cortex was pulling up memory details clear as day. I was watching my mind’s memories like it was TV. A totally surreal experience! And at some point through the operation, I started having competing thoughts – there was fear on one side, and opportunity on the other. To witness this counter intention going on – literally see it playing out – showed me just how much it can derail our minds.

There are things that govern our ability to focus, and counter intention definitely has a negative impact. But by getting your head wrapped around some of these tips, and getting some alignment in your life, focus becomes easier to obtain and then maintain.

Stay singularly focused

A lot of people like to go off into multiple directions at once. Another stays focused and goes on and achieves the result. I’ve seen it so many times when someone is singularly focused on his or her business, but then start gaining momentum and then branch off on tangents. As soon as their focus is split, and attention is diluted, they’re done. So an essential part of developing your focus is understanding the importance of focus and everything around it. It takes discipline to not go off into two directions sometimes, but your results will be greater if you stay singularly focused.

Finish the job

Know someone who has a lot of undone projects around the house? This is a telltale sign there is a lack of focus and follow through. Here’s a tip on how to develop focus… Finish the job!

Part of it is just wrapping your head around what needs to be done and staying on task. This is natural to some people. Not to me. But when it’s time to get stuff done, I lock myself away, pull an all-nighter and ensure I reach that deadline.

My co-author, Greg Strom, who wrote our success education curriculum, Beyond Freedom Evolution, he is the living concept of ‘finish the job.’ It is the way he operates his life. He is a high achieving, accomplished individual, and when you put something in front of him he gets it done. He goes the distance and always achieves the end result. Period.

It’s about completions, not starts. Make this a habit, and you’ll enhance your focus.


Part of the power of focus is committing to the front-end discipline to actively choose what you’re taking on. I could not take control of my life until I had absolutely control over everything. My job required so much of me; I couldn’t possibly get anything else started, let alone finished! And it wasn’t until I reprioritized my life and no longer put job as #1 and put my aspiring business venture first, that I truly understood and saw almost instantly, what that re-prioritization of focus can lead to. Absolute success.

To you hone your focus you’ve got to be the CEO of your life. It’s up to you to decide how you manage your resources and prioritize your focus. The way you employ yourself in life will determine how abundant those resources really are. Design your goal list and practice that laser focus. It will serve you in everything you can possibly imagine.