Online Business Industry Insider

Shane Krider and Rachel Krider share the line up of the next 12 Episodes of their new show – The Industry Insider.

Shane and Rachel have over 35 years of collective experience in the Online Business / Home Business space. Independently of each other, they both become 7 figure annual earners working from home.

The Industry Insider is a place for home based entrepreneurs to plug into each week to learn their way around an often misunderstood industry.

From marketing advise and business ethics to practical “how to” knowledge on how to thrive for decades as an online entrepreneur.

What you can expect over the next 12 weeks (special note, we may switch up the order of outflow. But these will be the topics!)

Week 1:  Why this type of business deserves to exist (online business, network marketing, direct selling, mlm. It all falls under “this type of business”.

Week 2:  Lead Generation

Week 3:  Prospecting – Leadership versus Sales

Week 4: Personal Branding

Week 5:  Emotional State – The Law Of Attraction

Week 6:  Speaking from a Higher Place

Week 7:  Industry Pit Falls (cause it ‘aint all a bed of roses)

Week 8:  Seeing through the hype to the value

Week 9: Fear of recruiting RECRUITERS

Week 10:  Seeing VALUE through being the leader

Week 11:  Business Models (understanding the difference between MLM, network marketing, direct selling, franchise and traditional business structure).

Week 12:  Making the Industry Great

The Industry Insider streams live weekly via this link. 

We welcome your comments and we’re thrilled that you’re tuning in!

Shane and Rachel Krider