One Step So Self-Mastery

This is an exciting concept – controlling inner thoughts to control outer reality. Self-mastery.


Albert Einstein describes it as “everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is no philosophy. This is physics.”

We think we see what reality is. But we don’t. We’re seeing a channel. Our mind is the TV. The vibration we’re at determines the channel we tune in to. You can actually prove this. Do you know someone who is perpetually pissed off? Everything is a problem? Everything is a misstep and it was all done specifically to them just to piss them off. When in reality, this is their interpretation of events happening around them. That is the station they’re tuning in to.

Interpretation is a huge thing. Your level of interpretation is your level of vibration. The better your mood, the higher your frequency, and you gain higher perspective of life. You can see the grumpy person is just having a bad day, but because they are sitting in a constant level of low vibration, they can’t see that. Everything is immediately to do with them, against them, to break them.

Everybody houses these stories based on past experiences in their mind. The thing to master is to recognize these stories as past, not related to the present, and then utilize your discipline to view current situations as they are right now, not relating to a story.

First part of this idea is to understand your feelings and emotions are not really caused by what’s happening to you, it’s the story you assign to it and the attention you give relevant related constructs.

Say you’re at the dentist, and right before the drill hits your tooth, check in with what you perceive. Are you in a comfortable state? No. And yet this is your starting point, before anything has happened, because you’re relating it to a perception, and past experience. This experience hasn’t even start yet and yet there’s a factor of anxiety and anticipation that you’re going to multiply. You’ve already got that amplification and nothing has begun yet, but you’re so uncomfortable already you’re about to jump out of the chair. Now introduce some vibration as the drilling starts and it goes through your entire body. It’s just magnifying things. It just the way our mind works, it’s very difficult to disconnect from that.

We put our attention to a mentally constructed idea, and experience feelings and emotions based on that mental model. Self-mastery is the ability to be proactive when watching your mind and body’s reaction from the outside and being proactive with what you do from that point.

You have the power to watch from a distance, to see when your attention goes towards these preconceived concepts. Observing your mind and the events, and subsequent reaction. We are free to not put attention on the story and concept. This is self-mastery, taking control of your mind’s view in a present moment.

A step to self-mastery is to totally understand that you can control what you put your attention on. And when you put attention on a story or mental concept that causes a perception and amplification of all your senses and expectations and fears, it causes an emotional state. Just putting your attention on the idea, the story, the concept and then anything that happens from that point is happening as part of that story line and will drive you emotionally the wrong direction of taking pro active control.

Right now, this present moment, you can choose to put your attention either on the story, or what’s truly going on in front of you with no preconceived notions. No mind model. Just what is. Self-mastery can never be obtained in the future; it’s right now and only now.

Start paying attention to present moment consciousness and create a discipline of not putting your attention fixatedly on the story in your mind. Put it on what you’re doing instead. Your goals, the things you want to create and look through that goal into the real world and find matches that will take you in that direction.

When you feel your attention getting sucked into a story, stop. Because the story is like a vacuum, a black hole and sucks everything into it. Call yourself out, and get refocused, reoriented.

Observe life without any dramatic story and as you do that, you’ve mastered yourself. It only exists now. This moment. Don’t waste it!