Metathesiophobia – the fear of change

Based on a podcast by Shane Krider

Metathesiophobia – the fear of change – is a human condition. It can be debilitating for some people, but for most of us, what we consider to be normal and acceptable fear around change, really is not.

I’m going to share where this comes from, what you can do about it, and how you can confront and overcome this debilitating way our mind works.

So how do we get this way? We can come up with theories that accurately describe visible, observable phenomenon in life. But no matter what it is – gravity or metathesiophobia – it’s a theory. And as a person – what gives you the space to look at something like this and know anything about it? How as an individual can you think you can actually change and transform yourself beyond the rules of normal living?

I like to live life from the inside out. A lot of people exist from the outside in. They look outside for solutions, people to assist them, and wait for the change to take place. I learn as much as I can, look at every point-of-view and perspective and start doing what I can do within my own bubble of awareness to make the change and grow.

So what can you do to transform your life from the inside out to give you more ability, compassion, love, and better results in life? Space.

Today’s conversation is around creating space, protecting it, and creating space for others. We’ll also touch on how to recognize and react to angry people and what that’s all about.

If we live our life on a daily basis in a way that we don’t experience eagerness for life, we’re wasting our time. We are spending this precious resource and commodity poorly. Without the confrontation of change, and thrusting yourself into it, life becomes something that happens to us, not something we are actively creating.

First, understand our early life is based on situational experiences. You may have had an influential person like a teacher, parent or sibling that made you believe you were a bad student, a shy kid, or uncoordinated. These are all situational beliefs, so if you had a different teacher, perhaps your interpretation of reality would be different.

We all go through a gauntlet as we grow up, but now we’re out the other side it’s time to see the perspective that it wasn’t any one’s fault, it’s just the way life is. We like to point to the gauntlet we’ve gone through and say that’s why I’m screwed up. I’m saying, who cares? Some gauntlets are more challenging than others, sure, but the key is to take control anyway. Be ok anyway. Get your crap together anyway! And the bigger the gauntlet the more potential it has to open you up.

We’ve got to take up new space, expand ourselves, participate in new opportunities. By doing this, we change the boundaries we live in, we feel we have more potential, so we want to capture some of that and act on it. This expands our space.

We deserve to make bigger, bolder choices, but we all have this layer, this level of choice making, that we unconsciously stay under that’s created by external things that people put on you, that create shouldn’ts.

You can either have the pain of success or pain of regret – you’ve got to play the alternatives out and decide which one? Life is a zero sum game, so you may as well have some fun while you’re here and live openly. Try everything! But we don’t because we fear change.

It all revolves around this concept of space. We are space creators, takers or destroyers. Destroyers not only demolish the space for others, they destroy the space for themselves. The best way to break out of this destructive pattern is to raise your vibration, change your perception and create more space.

How can you consciously get your space back? You may fear change because you don’t have the space to go in a certain life direction, you gave up that space one increment at a time. You have to get it back the same way. Rely on yourself, and become a creator of space for others.

Be a giver and a creator, and acknowledge what you get out of it. I am the source of all things in my life; it’s a responsibility standpoint. If you continue to make people wrong for things, it’s a downward spiral, in spite of other people’s shortcomings. Avoid the temptation of looking in the past, create the experience right now and make this immediate interaction the best it can be. That’s called creating new space, and as you create enough new space, you’ll find problems start to decrease, you become the creator of potential. As that space expands, the more potential there is and now you’re operating on a higher level of vibration.

Metathesiophboia – the fear of change (or movement) is the fear of life happening. It is also the fear of things getting better because that inevitably means they’re just going to get worse. Don’t buy into that! If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me. I can create an infinite amount of space if necessary. Make this moment an awesome one, stride past the fear and create enough space to make it happen!