Get Rich Quick vs Your Mind

Shane Krider’s Mind Power podcast

Not too many ideas set a person’s mind in motion more quickly than get rich quick.

In spite of the fact, or perhaps because of the fact, this topic is the source of much controversy and criticism. The idea of get rich quick is a great tool to get to the bottom of at least five basic mistakes of perception that most people are sure to make.

On this podcast Rach and I take you on a no-holds-barred exploration of the taboo subject get rich quick and it’s negative impact on your mind.
If getting rich is on your to-do list or you wonder why some people seem to lose their grasp of the obvious around this subject then this is for you.



The concept of get rich quick can have a negative impact on your mind. It doesn’t need to be negative but typically, this topic does impact the human mind in a negative way. Let me share some important distinctions that can be difference makers on your journey to wealth, whether it be fast or slow.

Some points discussed on this podcast are how get rich quick impacts your thinking, the function of your mind, your response, your ability to stay grounded in logic, and have mastery over your own decision-making. That’s one side – the internal side.

The other is more of a moral and social side – an external side – and the brain chemistry around these responses and what that leads to. Fascinating insights into this topic – it’s a great show.

Thanks for listening!