A Crash Course In Not Taking Things Personally – Part 2

Shane Krider’s Mind Power podcast

This is part two of three on learning how to not take things personally. In this series hosts Rachel Krider and Shane Krider are focusing on how taking things personally limits you. Specifically in part two of this series they discuss how to utilize the power of win/win.



Last week on Born To Prosper podcast network, Shane Krider’s Mind Power focused on how bubbles of perception play a huge part in taking things personally, and how it seriously limits you. This is what Shane Krider says about delivering this topic to you:

Taking things personally seems to be the default mode that most of us were set to at birth.

But as you will see, this is a massive handicap that is likely costing you big time. Costing you both in terms of success and happiness.

Taking things personally robs you of the ability to control your emotional state, your decision making process, and as a byproduct of those two things, the ability to live your life to the fullest.

Those people who have complete command of their emotional state, in spite of negative people or challenging circumstances, seem to possess a superhuman ability to succeed at anything they set their mind to, and have fun in the process. Think Sir Richard Branson or Mark Cuban.

It has been said that calmness is power, and in fact it is. Calmness is a power that you can give to yourself.

In this three part series Rach and I will give you a crash course in defeating the arch enemy of calmness. What is this arch enemy? The habit of unnecessarily taking things personally.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Shane Krider